Where Can You Find an Attic Inspector in Monroe or Chester, NY?

Trust an expert for your roof and attic inspections

As the weather changes in Monroe & Chester, NY, it's important to get your attic inspected to ensure that everything is in good shape. Our attic inspector will check for faulty insulation, water damage and cracks in the ceiling. Next time you need an inspection, rely on Peace of Mind Home Inspection Services to get the job done right.

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Find roof damage before it results in expensive repairs

Find roof damage before it results in expensive repairs

Unlike some other inspection services, our roof inspector will actually go out and walk around on your roof to look for damage. While he's on your roof, our inspector will look for signs of:

Aging - deterioration, nail pops and attic damage
Shingle damage - raised, curled and missing shingles
Weather damage - impact, water and wind damage

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